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Privacy Policy for Personal Information Protection (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") managed by Toabo Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), considers the protection of personal information to be a social duty, and establishes the following "regarding the handling of personal information on the website" based on this "Privacy Policy for Personal Information Protection" in order to manage and maintain a Website that users can feel safe while using. The Company recognizes the importance of the protection of personal information, complies with laws and regulations, and commits itself to the protection of personal information through thoroughly training its employees and ensuring that they recognize the importance of the protection of personal information.

■Scope of handling of personal information

Regarding the handling of personal information, this Privacy Policy applies when users use the Website, such as when they purchase products through the Website, contact the Company, and subscribe and read the email newsletters. Personal information that is collected from users when they use the website is managed in accordance with the Company's policy on the handling of personal information.

■Manager of Personal Information

Regarding the management of the personal information of users, the Company will appoint a manager of personal information, and will carry proper management of said information.

■Purposes of Use of Personal Information

The Company may use personal information and order information (including the user's order history) collected from the user for the provision of the service, as well as for the purposes described below. Furthermore, the Company shall not use the user's personal information for any purpose other than the provision of the service and the following purposes.

(1) To introduce the Company's products and services to the user

(2) For the Company to process orders, confirm order contents, and to process any changes on behalf of the user

(3) To reply to inquiries from the user

(4) To request the user to share their opinions and thoughts regarding the Company's services

(5) For any purpose given that the Company first contacts the user individually, and has received the user's consent

(6) To prepare materials including statistical data categorized based on the user's classification (age, address, etc.)

(7) To provide and present information and services tailored to each user's preferences

■Secure Management of Personal Information

In order for the Company to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, it shall carry out reasonable security measures for managing and limiting access to personal information, and in the event that there is any trouble regarding personal information such as leakage of information, it shall promptly carry out measures to prevent such incidents from reoccurring.

■Entrusting of Personal Information

The Company may entrust its services to a third party within the scope necessary for achieving the purposes of use that it has specified. In said cases, the Company shall share the personal information with the party entrusted with the services, as well as properly manage and supervise the entrusted party. 

■Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

In principle, the Company shall not provide or reveal the user's personal information to a third party such as other businesses or individuals, without the user's consent. However, the Company may provide or reveal the personal information in the following cases.

(1) When the user has agreed to the provision of the information

(2) When disclosure of the information is required by the laws and regulations of public institutions such as government offices

(3) When the Company discloses information to a business partner for the Website's management. However, in said cases, the information shall only be provided to a necessary extent, and the partner receiving the information shall be held responsible for managing the personal information through a contract, etc.

(4) For the disclosure of information to the successor in the event of a company merger, company split, business transfer, etc.

(5) When there is any other justifiable reason


Cookies are pieces of data that include information regarding the user, stored in the user's hard drive.

(1) Cookies are used on the pages of the Company's website for user convenience, improving the Website's usability through the collection of data via access logs, and saving the user the time and effort required to reenter their personal information when they revisit the Website.

(2) Users may use the Website even if they reject the use of cookies.

(3) The Website uses cookies for its product pages and the shopping cart.

(4) The shopping cart may not operate properly if the user has rejected the use of cookies. If the user wishes to access the shopping cart, we recommend that the user first turn their browser's cookie settings. Cookies will not be used for any purposes other than to display the user's shopping cart information and purchase history, so we ask that users turn on their browser's cookie settings.

■Other Important Notes Concerning Internet Privacy               

Businesses that collect personal information through reward offers and sales promotion activities, etc. and third-party websites and services that have access to the Website adhere to individual privacy agreements and data collection agreements that are independent of and separate from those of the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any obligations or responsibilities regarding the agreements or activities of these third parties.

■Changes in the Handling of Personal Information and Notifying the User

The Company may revise without prior notification the contents of this Privacy Policy under certain circumstances, such as when necessary, for execution of the Company's business, for the enforcing of new laws and regulations, and amendments to existing laws and regulations. In the case that a revision has been made, users will be notified through the Website. Please check the updated contents of this page when using the Website.

■Manager of Personal Information / Disclosure, Revision & Deletion of Personal Information

The contact information for the manager of personal information, and for users wishing to disclose, revise or delete their personal information, is as follows. The Company respects the user's rights regarding their personal information. Therefore, if the user wishes to disclose, revise, modify or delete their personal information, we ask that the user contact us by phone or email. The Company shall then confirm whether the disclosure of information is appropriate based on socially accepted conventions and customs.

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