Regressions towards the natural fibre, wool 

We must take care of nature. We believe in a future where we can efficiently make use of nature's resources and recycle them thereafter. Super Wool aims to create products that can be handed down from generation to generation, across the years with simple timeless designs based on natural fiber wool that are not affected by trends.

Connecting livelihood with one and only value

Wool has been by humanity's side since the time of Mesopotamian civilization; a comfortable natural fibre that has been improved with effort and over time from ancient times. Even if something on par with wool was born, wool is not going to be replaced. We plan to integrate this meaningful gift from nature further into our lives.

Looking towards the future alongside natural fibres

Currently there is an abundance of synthetic fibres designed with functionality in mind. Super Wool does not intend on rejecting these. However, using natural fibres to their fullest and utilizing their benefits is surely the more natural way of living in a recycling-oriented society.

Historical background of wool

The pastoral Moors people built the foundation for modern wool. During the mid 15th century, Spanish royalty, elite and monks competed to improve the quality in search for the ideal wool. This gave birth to the merino wool, a high-quality wool which has long, thin hairs with numerous curls and a pure white color.

Made in Japan with the most carefully selected materials

Wool chosen with the utmost care from around the world is brought to a facility in Japan with an outstanding track record regarding the manufacture of Wool Products. We pay attention to every detail in the manufacturing process and conduct thorough management to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest standard of quality.